About Us

The Council presently consists of a Chairman, appointed by the States on the recommendation of the Minister for Social Security, four members and one co-opted member, all of whom are selected from the working community and recognised as individuals with an interest in health and safety at work. The Council is assisted by a part-time secretary as the only paid employee of the Council, the Chairman and members serving in an honorary capacity.

Since its inception, the Council has been involved in holding seminars, training courses and more recently carrying out promotional activities and awareness raising through various means. The achievements of the Council over this period have been recognised and formally recorded, initially by the Social Security Committee and subsequently by the Minister, with thousands of individuals having benefitted from the work carried out.

In order to carry out this work, the Council is financed with an annual grant by the States of Jersey which is provided by the Minister for Social Security. At present this grant is £28,922 based on a carefully controlled budget. 

We continue to look at ways of raising awareness of health and safety within the working community through a variety of options.  All members of the Committee are contactable - details found on the site navigation bar directly below about us - 'Council members' section.

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