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Jersey Fire & Rescue Service


The Fire Service have three types of training now on offer :

Fire Awareness
Fire Marshal
Fire Extinguisher

Courses are run twice a month with a fire awareness in the morning and alternate marshal/extinguisher trianing in the afternoons.

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To book a course you can contact  01534 445933  or email


After many years of successful partnership with States of Jersey Fire & Rescue Service in providing 'Fire awareness Training' to the island's business community, the Jersey Safety Council decided to develop and enhance the training opportunity by providing a specifically designed facility for the practical, hands on fire extinguisher use for all types of event.

It is expected that the 850+ delegates that pass through the training each year will leave with the skills to decide how, when and what type of extinguisher to use in situations that they are most likely to encounter at work, from bin and oil fires to photocopier and machinery blazes.

The Jersey Safety Council has decided on a mobile and versatile trailer that gives 'on site' access to every size and type of business, intended to allow employers the flexibility in how and when they provide this if not essential, very wise training.

As part of the package the Fire and Rescue service as the training provider will also be committed to using the tool to provide extinguisher training to identified residents and communities that live in buildings with this type of equipment, but are never formally shown how and when to tackle a blaze.

An initiative that is expected to improve the capability of many Islanders and help control fires at their earliest stage, long before the onset of serious damage and threat to life.