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ACET (AIDS Care Education and Training) Jersey is a member of the rapidly growing ACET International Alliance, an independent group of organisations around the world working to reduce the rate of new HIV infection.  They provide care for those affected by HIV/AIDS and support AIDS orphans.

ACET Jersey influence attitudes, behaviour and decisions at all levels that have an impact on the lives of people affected by, and at risk of, HIV and AIDS in Jersey.  Providing practical and emotional care and support for all who are affected, regardless of how they came to be so, delivering life-saving education, and giving young people the skills and confidence to resist peer pressure. 

ACET Jersey also provide training and seminars for employers, professionals and workers on all the issues associated with HIV/AIDS. 

Contact Telephone 01534 505957, or email


The Child Accident Prevention team in Jersey was set up to reduce the incidence and impact of accidental injuries to children, 0-16 years of age, in the community. 

The alliance currently includes representation from  Family Nursing and Home Care, Health and Social Services, Paramedics, Fire and Rescue, Police and Road Safety, Education, Sport and Culture, Public Health, Jersey Child Care Trust, Trading Standards Service, Headway, Housing, Youth Service and Transport & Technical Services.

These members provide a co-ordinated approach to child accident prevention using local knowledge, expertise and shared resources.

An excellent site for children, with plenty of interactive information to educate greater safety and health awraeness.

Visit their website at


Food safety

The Food Standards Agency, the UK Government department responsible for food safety and hygiene across the UK, has a website offering a range of resources from the latest food alerts and recalls to in-depth research and interactive tools and blogs.

Planning and leading visits and adventurous activities - Guidance for Schools and colleges by RoSPA

Aimed at head teachers, school staff, governors, trustees, parents and other interested groups, is a non nonsense, practical advice document for those who work with children between the ages of 5 and 18 who intend to take students outside school, whether they are sporting activities, cultural activities, field trips or outdoor adventure.
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Risk mapping for slips and trips

A new guidance document from the HSE UK aims to show health and safety representatives how to use risk mapping - a tool that involves creating a diagram of the workplace, marking the site of previous slips and trips and near misses and identifying hazard 'hotspots'.  In addition to advice on conducting a risk map, there is an example to illustrate how the process works and a blank template for reps to fill in themselves.
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Portable Applicance Testing

A document from the Health and Safety Inspectorate providing current legislation and information on testing of electrical equipment Feb 2010
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Control of Legionella in workplace buildings

A document from the Health and Safety Inspectorate giving information and guidance on legionella
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Working Safely & Avoiding Danger 
from Underground Services and other Utility Apparatus

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This booklet is aimed primarily at those with legal responsibility for health and safety including contractors, employers, owners and operators of underground services, managers and supervisors and others concerned with planning, organising and supervising work near such services.  This work includes work by or for the utilities and also roadworks, construction and demolition work.

It's equally useful to private householders and other who, although not necessarily subject to statutory health and safety legislation, may place themselves at considerable risk if they cause damage to utility services.



Health and Safety Inspectorate 

Health and Safety Executive - UK

Jersey Fire & Rescue Service

A website that aims to offer support and avice on working with a chronic flucuating health condition, such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, arthritis or migraine.  Divided into 4 main sections, Employee, Employer, Health at Work professionals and health conditions.

NAPO moves
The latest addition to the animated employee is a film about safe workplace transport.  Covering a variety of common hazards during situations such as unloading a vehicle, transporting loads, and carrying out maintenance activities.  Each scenario can be downloaded separately and aims to demonstrate how risks can arise and how they can be reduced.  The film is easy to understand and suitable for anyone regardless of native language, age, ability or background.