Construction and other outdoor work

Guidance from the GOV.UK website

Guidance for people who work in or run outdoor working environments

Staying Secure Poster

Staying Secure Poster to display in your premises to show you have followed government guidance.

Risk Assessment Template
Download this simple Risk Assessment template. It can be used in conjunction with the UK Government guidance on helping to ensure workplaces are as safe as possible from the effects of coronavirus.

Construction - Working Safely during COVID-19
Guidance to builders and their clients about what steps they may want to think about when starting or restarting a building project during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Construction Site Operating Procedures on the Build UK website – revised April 14th 2020
Guidance to introduce consistent measures on construction sites of all types and sizes in line with the Government’s recommendations on social distancing and ensure employers and individuals make every effort to comply.

Working Safely during the coronavirus outbreak – from UK HSE
This guidance is designed to help you work safely and control the risks associated with running your business at this time.

It explains measures you can take to help you carry on working safely during coronavirus, for example by putting in place social distancing measures, staggering shifts, providing additional handwashing facilities and how to talk with workers to help them stay safe.

COVID-19 Guidance – Clear, Simple, Smart – For Managers & Employees
successful and safe return to work will depend on everyone on your site/s adapting their behaviour to the new disciplines required to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19.

MPA has prepared a list of 10 key strategies that everyone should follow. The application of these strategies is vitally important for the health and safety of employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Managers COVID-19 Guidance - Clear, Simple, Smart

Employees COVID-19 Guidance - Clear, Simple, Smart


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Law & Policy

The Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law, 1989, provides a Regulatory Framework, or legal requirement, for managing health and safety in the workplace....