About the Jersey Safety Council

The Council consists of a Chairman, appointed by the States of Jersey on the recommendation of the Minister for Social Security, four members and one co-opted member, all of whom are selected from the working community and recognised as individuals with an interest in health and safety at work.

The Council is assisted by a part-time secretary as the only paid employee of the Council, with the Chairman and members serving in an honorary capacity.

Since its inception, the Council has been involved in holding seminars, training courses and more recently carrying out promotional activities and awareness raising through various means.

The achievements of the Council over this period have been recognised and formally recorded, initially by the Social Security Committee and subsequently by the Minister, with thousands of individuals having benefited from the work carried out.

In order to carry out this work, the Council is financed with an annual grant by the States of Jersey which is provided by the Minister for Social Security. This grant is based on a carefully controlled budget.

We continue to look at ways of raising awareness of health and safety within the working community through a variety of options. 

All members of the Committee are listed below.

Steve Taylor - Chairman

I worked for 32 years in the oil industry, becoming a senior leader responsible for developing and managing oilfields around the world.

Safety is the single most important aspect of hydrocarbon production hence I am experienced in safety intervention techniques, safety audits & incident investigation. I believe that having a strong safety culture driven by visible safety leadership can dramatically reduce harm to others.

I enjoy engaging across an organisation, from technician to senior management, with the objective of promoting safety thinking and increasing the individual’s knowledge about their accountability and responsibilities in health and safety. 

Mike Osborne - Member

I have worked in the mining and quarrying industry for over thirty years, which is a potentially hazardous environment, but which is an industry sector with a very strong focus on safety.

A workplace where we have to manage significant risk should also be a safe workplace. With the correct planning, and with training and supervision that ensures all employees are competent to undertake every task with which they are engaged, we can ensure that all our colleagues return home safely every day.

The work of the Jersey Safety Council supports the development of ever improving occupational health & safety standards and culture, and I am pleased to be able to contribute to the objectives of creating harm-free work places.

Adrian De Gruchy - Member

I originally worked within the Agricultural Industry and since 2003 within the Construction sector. Working initially for an equipment hire company, I have had experience on an extensive range of projects.

For the past 10 years I have headed up a local safety training company and have coordinated tailored solutions to many local businesses. I am great believer in providing quality training to candidates so they are empowered, more efficient and safer to do their work and not just tick a box.

I believe I can assist the Jersey Safety Council to continue their on-going promotion of good health and safety practice within the island.

Michael Cash - Member

I initially obtained a B.Eng in Materials Engineering, before completing a PhD at Cambridge University in high temperature corrosion of ceramics. This was followed by post-doctoral research on high temperature corrosion fatigue of aero engine materials.

When presented with an opportunity to change career direction, I migrated into the field of QHSE management where I worked extensively throughout North / South America and Europe, developing management systems and Safety Cases. I have gained a wide range of experience and knowledge from working with the oil and gas, construction, manufacturing and education sectors.

As a Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, I have worked as a volunteer in an advisory capacity for many years. I have a specific interest in working with micros and SMEs, doing my best to de-mystify a discipline that can easily become complex for smaller businesses. I am currently the Group HS Director for the Garenne Construction Group who operate businesses in Jersey, Guernsey and the UK.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Jersey Safety Council Team, and believe we can make a real difference in helping to raise occupational health and safety standards and reduce the risk of accidents and ill health. 

Robert Matthews - Member

I initiated my career in the Construction Industry as an indentured trainee engineer, some 36 years ago. Of the 37 years in the construction industry, I have spent 24 working in the Jersey Construction Industry being involved in many large, landmark projects throughout the Island.

I am currently the CEO of The ROK Group of companies who undertake construction in Jersey.

In the past 5 years I have witnessed a considerable improvement in health and safety standards on the island, having been achieved by all parties involved in the construction industry, ensuring health and safety is a priority: However, continued improvement is still required, which we will endeavour to promote and roll out over the years to come.

With my knowledge of high value and high risk projects and the challenges they present, along with working with the other members of the Jersey Safety Council, we aim to raise the levels of Health and Safety Standards and promote best practices throughout all industries in Jersey.


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