See guidance on the Law and Regulations administered by the Health and Safety Inspectorate including:

  • Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law, 1989
  • Asbestos Licensing Regulations
  • Chains, Ropes and Lifting Gear Regulations
  • Cranes and Lifting Appliances Regulations
  • Management in Construction (Jersey) Regulations 2016
  • Electricity
  • Employers' Liability Insurance
  • Health and Safety at Work (Lifts) (Jersey) Regulations 1990
  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulations (construction)

Laws and Regulations: Health and Safety at Work

Official or authorised electronic versions of the Laws and Regulations are available to download from www.jerseylaw.je


Formal training in Health and Safety at Work enables employees to demonstrate their competence to conduct specific work activities as well as often being...


Improve your understanding of a range of topics connected with health and safety at work, including hazards and dangers, conducting risk assessments and o...