Questions that are frequently asked about Health and Safety in the workplace.

Where can I get an Accident Record Book?

Copies of Accident Books are available to collect from Social Security's reception area, La Motte Street, free of charge.

Is there a minimum or maximum working temperature?

There are no specific references to either minimum or maximum temperatures in Jersey's Health and Safety Legislation. As a general guide, the minimum should be 16 degrees centigrade (13 degrees centigrade if the work involves physical activity).

Other factors should be taken into account, such as air movement and humidity. A temperature that one person would find hot or cold, another may not.

Simple measures such as temporary fans, being more flexible about dress code and ensuring water is always available can help to ensure employees are hydrated when temperatures are unusually high. 

How much working space should I have?

The minimum working space per person should be a minimum of 11 cubic metres, additional space will be needed for furniture and walkways.

The total volume of the room, when empty, divided by the number of people normally working in it should be at least 11 cubic metres. Any part of a room which is over 3.0m high should be discounted.

Can you write a Health and Safety Policy for me?

The Jersey Safety Council are unable to prepare Health and Safety Policies. Information on how to prepare a policy is available on the Health and Safety Inspectorate's website www.gov.je/hsi





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