Law & Policy

What Jersey Law requires:

The Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law, 1989, sets out the framework for dealing with health and safety issues by the Sates of Jersey and the Health and Safety Inspectorate at the Social Security Department, who are responsible for enforcement of the Law.

In the Law are Regulations - legal requirements.  They identify risks and set out specific actions that must be taken. 

Also within the Law are Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP's) that offer practical examples of good practice and give advice on how to comply with the Law.  An ACoP has a legal standing in that the guidance contained within the code is admissible in the Courts as evidence of best practice.

It is essential that employees are provided with this information and any training and instruction necessary to ensure the Law is being maintained as far as is reasonably practicable.

Full details can be found in the red guidance book published by the Health and Safety Inspectorate entitled 

"Health & Safety in the Workplace - A General Guide".

Legislation administered by the Health & Safety Inspectorate, Social Security Department including Laws revised :

L.4/2007  Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) (Amendment No 3) (Jersey) Law 2007

05.225 Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) (Jersey) Law 1973

05.225.30 Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) (Exemption) (Jersey) Regulations 1973

05.225.60 Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) (General) (Jersey) Regulations 1973

05.300 Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989

05.300.10 Construction (Safety Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations 1970

05.300.15 Cranes (Automatic Safe Load Indicators) (Jersey) Order 1979

05.300.20 Explosives (Safety Provisions) (Jersey) Regulations 1972

05.300.25 Fire Resisting Structures (Explosion Pressure Relief) (Jersey) Order 1980

05.300.30 Health and Safety at Work Appeal Tribunal (Jersey) Regulations 1989

05.300.35 Health and Safety at Work (Construction) (Personal Protective Equipment) (Jersey) Regulations 2002

05.300.40 Health and Safety at Work (Freight Containers Safety Convention) (Jersey) Regulations 1994

05.300.45 Health and Safety at Work (Freight Containers Safety Convention) (Approvals) (Jersey) Order 1995

05.300.50 Health and Safety at Work (Improvement and Prohibition  Notices Appeals) (Jersey) Regulations 1989

05.300.55 Health and Safety at Work (Inquiries Procedure) (Jersey) Regulations 1990

05.300.60 Health and Safety at Work (Lifts) (Jersey) Regulations 1990

05.300.63 Health & safety (Work Experience) (Jersey) Regulations 2006

05.300.65 Safeguarding of Workers (Chains, Ropes and Lifting Gear) (Jersey) Regulations 1980

05.300.70 Safeguarding of Workers (Cranes and Lifting Appliances) (Jersey) Regulations 1978

05.300.75 Safeguarding of Workers (Electricity at Work) (Jersey) Regulations 1983

05.300.80 Safeguarding of Workers (Highly Flammable Liquids) (Jersey) Regulations 1979

05.300.85 Safeguarding of Workers (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) (Jersey) Regulations 1984

05.300.90 Safeguarding of Workers (Machinery and Woodworking Machines) (Jersey) Regulations 1967

R & O 21/2008 Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos - Licensing) (Jersey) Regulations2008

Official or authorised versions of the Laws and Regulations can be purchased from the States Greffe Book Shop, Morier House, Halkett Place, St. Helier, or electronic versions downloaded from

Codes of Practice include:

ACoP 1       Pesticides: Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Pesticides on Farms and Holdings
                    Notice of Approval dated 4th December 1991  (currently out of print)

ACoP 2        Work with Ionising Radiation -
revised         Approved Code of Practice
                    Revised edition in force 1st October 2002

ACoP 3        Safety of Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers -
                    Approved Code of Practice 
                    Notice of Approval dated 1st October 1997

ACoP 4        Display Screen Equipment at Work - 
                    Approved Code of Practice
                    Notice of Approval dated 1st December 1998

ACoP 5        Approved Code of Practice on Health and Safety in the Port of St. Helier -
                    Notice of Approval dated 27th May 1999

ACoP 6        The Safe Use of Rider-operated Lift Trucks -
                    Approved Code of Practice and Guidance
                    Notice of Approval dated 22nd November 2001

ACoP 7        Recreational Diving Projects -
                    Approved Code of Practice
                    Notice of Approval dated 3rd June 2004

ACoP 8        Management of Exposure to Asbestos in Workplace Buildings and Structures -
                    Approved Code of Practice
                    Notice of Approval dated 23rd September 2004

Approved Codes of Practice can be obtained from the Health and Safety Inspectorate, or downloaded from

Further information or advice is available from
Health and Safety Inspectorate, Social Security Department,
Telephone:  01534 447300 | Fax:  01534 873791 | E-mail:


It is a legal requirement to have a health and safety policy if you employ five or more people.  (Article 3 of the Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989). 

The document must lay out your general policy statement on health and safety, describe the organisation and arrangements in place to carry out this policy, be read by all employees and understood, and be revised when appropriate. 

The Health and Safety Inspectorate have several booklets providing advice and guidance on preparing a policy statement. 

-Essential guidance on the preparation of a Health and Safety Policy Statement.  Ref SP1

- The preparation of a Safety Policy Statement - Guidance for employers in the construction industry.   Ref SP2

- Advice to Employers on Writing a Safety Policy Statement   Ref SP4

-Stating Your Business - Guidance on preparing a Health and Safety Policy document for small firms.   Ref SP5

Alternatively there are consultants in the island that can write a policy statement for the company though it is vital that those responsible within the company for health and safety work with the consultant in putting it together and are all in agreement to its final wording.