Occupational Health

This section looks at aspects of occupational health in work places that at first glance may appear low risk.

This includes computer usage, avoiding back pain & RSI, and managing work related stress.

Back and Joint pain

Back pain is usually associated with employees whose jobs involve heavy lifting, but working in an office, sitting in front of a computer, can also cause similar issues.  

Caring for your back (source UK HSE website)

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) (source UK HSE website) 

Office Safety

Information on the use of display screen equipment (computers and laptops) is available on the Health and Safety Inspectorate's website, together with advice on the provision of eye sight tests.

Ensure you speak to your employer before booking an appointment with your optician.

Using Display Screen Equipment (source HSI website)

Display Screen Equipment and eye sight tests (source HSI website)

DSE Approved Code of Practice (source HSI website)

Office risk assessment tool (source UK HSE website)


Work related Stress

Information on stress for employees (source HSI website)

Information on stress for employers (source HSI website)


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