Behavioural Safety Leadership in Construction

New dates announced for the Senior Leadership course

The JSC is pleased to announce that limited places are available on the Senior Leader Behavioural Safety Leadership (Construction) 3 day course. The course comprises 3 modules which are being offered during May and June.

You can reserve places using the link below:

If you missed one or two modules during 2021, please contact JSC Admin for assistance.

New dates available for the Junior Leadership course

Places available on the Junior Leader Behavioural Safety Leadership (Construction)  1 day course

TUESDAY 3rd MAY until FRIDAY 6th MAY 2022.

If your senior leaders have attended the course, please reserve junior leader places using the link below:

Jersey Evening Post

All firms will need to put their staff through training before the end of the year, if they are to work on sites run by Camerons, Mitchell Builders, Hacquoil and Cook, Legendre, Rok Construction, Style Group and Dandara, who have all signed the Behavioural Safety Charter.

Link to article: Construction firms join forces to improve safety across industry

Link to article: We must build a culture of safety throughout our construction sites (interview with Tammy Fage, Steve Taylor and Martin Smith


How leaders behave in a workplace has a tremendous impact on the safety performance of the company, the well-being of colleagues and the health & well-being of the individual and their families.  It is estimated that there are around 1 million unsafe behaviours every year associated with construction activities in Jersey.  Reducing at-risk behaviours will reduce the number of near misses, minor injuries, lost workday cases and fatalities.  This can be achieved by taking a company’s health and safety management system (with its procedures and processes) and using it in a culture that supports safe behaviours and challenges unsafe acts.

The Behavioural Safety Leadership programme has been developed by the Jersey Safety Council in co-operation with seven leading construction companies in Jersey.  The objectives of the programme are endorsed by the Health & Safety Inspectorate. 

If you are interested in registering your company for the programme, please follow the link below:

Click here to Register your Company (JotForm)

Programme Objectives

  • To introduce the benefits of a strong behavioural safety leadership culture to the construction sector
  • To explain to construction leaders how behavioural safety leadership builds on existing safety management systems
  • To develop an understanding of your personal behavioural safety leadership responsibilities, no matter your position in the company
  • To give participants a toolset to practise behavioural safety leadership in the workplace

Programme Structure

The programme comprises a series of workshops/engagements specifically tailored for the various leadership levels and workers in the construction sector. The programme is designed to start with the top management and then be cascaded down through the organisation.

Programme for Behavioural Safety Leadership in Construction

Further information on the various elements of the programme is available here.

Behavioural Safety Leadership pdf

How to Register

As the first step, please follow the link below and complete the Jotform form to register your company for the programme. 

Click here to Register your Company (JotForm)

As well as company contact details, the registration form asks for the approximate number of staff you may wish to enroll in the programme. 

Following company registration, the Jersey Safety Council will contact you to progress signing up individuals for the relevant modules. 

Be part of the change.  Please sign-up today

Training Schedule

When sufficient companies have registered, the Senior Leader training will commence. 

Junior leaders from those companies will then be trained.

Other Information

The costs are as follows:

            Senior Leader  - £800

            Junior Leader - £275

 Lunches, teas & coffees will be provided when appropriate.


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